The Board

(Editor-in-Chief) Jonathan Cook is a fourth-year philosophy/religious studies double major. His major interests include Derridean theory, the work of Georges Bataille, and messianism in Jewish thought. Besides the journal, he plays Hearthstone at the collegiate level and is an avid Magic: The Gathering player.

(Editor-in-Chief) Isabel Bolo

(Graduate Liaison) Ben Andrew is a third-year from Minnesota majoring in philosophy. He has yet to meet an area of philosophical inquiry he doesn’t like, but if he had to pick his favorites they would lie mostly in political philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and logic. He likes to run long distances, yet he only ever moves two feet.

(Associate Editor) Elizabeth Lindberg is a fourth-year philosophy and history major interested in political philosophy, ethics, as well as economic and architectural history.

(Design Officer) Varun Joshi is a third-year mathematics and philosophy major, with interests in economics, decision theory, practical philosophy, political philosophy, and ethics.

(Associate Editor) Daniel Ortiz is a fourth-year majoring in Fundamentals: Issues and Texts and English Literature. For the former, he focuses on aesthetics, and for the latter, he is interested in religious poetry, and the relationship between narrative and religious experience. Both of these major interests converge in the common figure of Kierkegaard, whom he takes –most likely against Kierkegaard’s will–as a philosophical patron and antagonist. On the side he likes bird-watching.

(Personnel Manager) David North

(Associate Editor) Steven Chen

(Associate Editor) Lucy Johnsen

(Associate Editor) Daniel Goynatsky

(Associate Editor) Meera Joshi