Get Involved

The UCPR operates on a four-part review process:

Stages to the Review Process:

  • Initial Screening: The journal accepts all submissions and divides them into groups to be reviewed.
  • First Review: Reviewers (organized into teams) read and evaluate papers, making sure they meet the minimum requirements for the journal and draft up recommendations on whether to accept the papers for publication (along with brief summaries and plus/minuses).
  • Second Review: The board uses the recommendations to determine which papers will be selected for publication, although the final decision rests with the board regardless of reviewer recommendation.
  • Post-Selection Comments: If necessary, the board sends comments based on the recommendations of the reviewers to those whose papers have been selected for revision before publication.

If you are interested in becoming a reviewer or have any general questions about getting involved, contact us at ucprboard@gmail.comWe currently accept students at all levels of academic experience and publishing expertise as reviewers.

We are also looking for board members. For more information, go to our editorial board application.