Current Issue

Spring 2017 | Issue no. 3


A Boundary Concept: Kant’s Thing-in-Itself as a Regulative Idea | Amogha Sahu

Abstract: In this paper, I will analyze Kant’s concept of the ‘thing-in-itself.’ I will begin by providing a summary of Kant’s metaphysics leading into his discussion of the ‘thing-in-itself’, at the end of the Transcendental Analytic. I will then provide a summary of Kant’s account of the ‘thing-in-itself’ and how it relates to his metaphysics in the chapter <On the Essence of the Distinction between Phenomena and Noumena1>. I will argue for an account of the thing-in-itself as a regulative idea, with an account of how this might relate to Kant’s practical philosophy in the Critique. Along the way, I will discuss various interpretations of the thing-in-itself present in the Kant literature.

Excavating Contemporary Capitalism: Towards a Critique of Extraction Writ Large | Sandro Mezzadra

An Interview with Moishe Postone: Marx, Capitalism, and the Possibility of Activism Today